About us

About us

A family run business based in scenic Greenland, New Hampshire. We started over 25 years ago supplying British food to expatriates in the local area, with the foods they missed from back home, such as Heinz Beans, Biscuits, Branston Pickle, Flakes & Crunchies just to name a few items.

The companies we source our products from are family oriented, and are hands-on in running their business’s, similar to ourselves. We have found that many of our suppliers know each other, and have come to us by word of mouth due to our reputation of providing quality products and services to our customers. We continually provide our customers with product information & new item availability. We will inform the buyer when they place an order if the stock is available & when our next shipment will be in.  (Look who Denise & Gerry are hanging out with, IT'S FERGIE!!)



Stephanie Pressinger President: She oversees company operations, policies and the growth of British Aisles, Ltd., as well as ensuring a high level of customer service is provided. Represents the company through written articles and personal appearances at conferences and special events, and also promotes The British Aisles at the local and national & International level.

With her new outlook in taking British Aisles to the next level due to someone who herself eats healthier a way of life and youthful outlook is taking us full force into the new millium of sourcing products. Only natural, no additives, preservatives, colours, vegetarian, no GMO's, as well as Gluten free or Vegan lines will now be sourced.

Denise Pressinger Co-founder: was born in Hertfordshire, England. She attends the trade shows and makes frequent trips to England to check out new products. She looks for new products that will enhance your shelves & bring you the greatest profit potential. She finds that food is an exciting business, and people always want to know about food.

Gerry Pressinger Co-founder: was born in Hertfordshire, England Manages the warehouse operation. Ensures the smooth flow of all shipments of products in and out of the company, and the professional packing of products shipped to customers via Package and Freight Carriers. Also in attendance at the major food shows as the trade show coordinator.


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