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Our theme of a "Healthy Bit of Home" is reflected in many of the food products we select for you. These may include Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Dairy Free and Kosher products all from the UK

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New Products For August

Lilt Soda Can x 24

Lilt Soda Can...

Price Unavailable
Lion Bar 50g x 36

Lion Bar 50g...

Price Unavailable
Maltesers Bags Standard 37g x 25

Maltesers Bags Standard 37g...

Price Unavailable
Mamade Thin Cut Orange x 6

Mamade Thin Cut Orange HEAVY...

Price Unavailable
Marmite 1lb 2oz (500g) x 6

Marmite 1lb 2oz (500g)...

Price Unavailable
Marmite 4oz (125g) x 12

Marmite 4oz (125g)...

Price Unavailable

Monthly Specials For August

Seasoned Pioneers Sri Lanka Curry Powder x 6

Seasoned Pioneers Sri Lanka Curry Powde...

Price Unavailable
Seasoned Pioneers Thai Holy Basil x 6

Seasoned Pioneers Thai Holy Basil...

Price Unavailable
Seasoned Pioneers West African Pepper Spices x 6

West African Pepper Seasoning Product S...

Price Unavailable
Simpkin Travel Sweets Cornwall Tin 7oz x 6

Simpkin Travel Sweets Cornwall Tin 7oz...

Price Unavailable
Simpkins Travel Sweets Devon 7oz Tin x 6

Simpkins Travel Sweets Devon 7oz Tin...

Price Unavailable
Seasoned Pioneers Parisienne spice x 6

Seasoned Pioneers Parisienne...

Price Unavailable


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